Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Friar Dilemma: RP Update

1/21/06 and 2/4/06

Andre tracked down Cyneric and Ghost, offering them a job that he had heard about. The two track down Dwight and set off to the East, near the border to the Temple of Seriyu, accompanied by Friar Karl.

On their travels, things are more than a little relaxed. The group runs into Maxwell Thundersnout, a gnome inventor. Dwight and Ghost exchange a few well-meaning practical jokes, probably under the devious influence of Cyneric and his mischievious god.

At the Temple though, things get more than a little serious. The Friars had taken in a wayward man who had asked to bury his friend in their crypts. Being of a generous nature, the Friars their dismay. The man disappeared into the crypts and so did two of their number sent to look for him. As the party searches the ziggurat, they find a dead Friar and the rest sequestered in their rooms and more than a few skeletons wandering about.

The party defeats a necromancer in the tombs with a well-placed spell of Cyneric's. (Silence) The man is captured and questioned by the Friars as they put up the rest of the party for a few days. Our adventurers, with permission, plunder knowledge from the well stocked library at the Temple. Many thanks are given to Seriyu and his fine Friars, especially for their help in identifying Ghost's keen flame-tongued blade.

It is found that the necromancer calls himself Brother Roubert of the Brotherhood of Dread. This foul group has established a stronghold outside the farming community of Greytown, which lay North-West of Woodland. It seems that Brother Roubert is just one of many infiltrators who are looking to capture and defile other nearby Temples.

Friar Karl is not pleased with this revelation and agrees to hire the group to clear out this supposed Temple of Dread.

Thinking they'll need more help on this one, the group heads back to Woodland in search of their usual crew, informing the Temples of Apollo and Hermes to 'ware strangers and question recent visitors very closely.