Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Joven and Griff's Watch- Gnolls and Gates

I apologize for my laxness in updating this journal; I'll summarize the recent events.

In Joven, our ducal friend Dwight enlisted our help for a problem in the area. His farms were besieged by an unusually organized tribe of gnolls who were hitting all the towns and farms in the area with the exception of Griff's Watch. We decided that was where we should head next, but on the way we stopped at Garrison and Hauksness. With Ghost's tracking skills (and some help from my fox), we were able to track the gnolls away from Hauksness. The trail curved in a way we didn't expect, but Ghost figured out that it was because the gnolls were planning to hit Griff's Watch from a different angle.

We were able to clear out the gnolls and rescue two people they held captive, but Dallas and the rescued woman Brianna fainted and fell to the ground. Dorrmags and I were unable to detect any magic or evil on either women, but we were not able to revive them. Fortunately our group did help heal the man we rescued (Brother John of Watch Hill).

Returning to Griff's Watch, we took the injured three to the house of healing, but the priests of Apollo were also unable to learn why the women will not awaken. We questioned Brother John, but he was unable to tell much about his horrible experience of being captive. He had been minding his own business when he was hit and knocked out, he also did know know why the women were unconsious, and he told us that most of the gnolls' sacrifice victims were humans with the exception of a halfling woman.

When we made it back to Joven, the priests at the house of healing were also unsure about our unconscious companions, but we left them there in the competent hands of the Hammehauk priests. We found Cornwallis still in Joven, and he identified a few found objects for us while Ghost and Ayman went to talk to Dwight to let him know what had happened.

The next morning we set out back to Woodland, only this time via the Gate my Brothers had built at the Joven mosque. They told us that the Gate is only one way at a time, so we were unable to toss something through to check if it was safe. We went through anyway, but as our large group went through, the canopic jar powering the Gate on the Woodland side exploded, resulting in the smell of brimstone and Shocko being shot out (with his pants on fire, if I recall correctly). While the group did whatever it is they do when we're home (I think Linora bought a dog), I spoke with Armand because I was curious about the Gate and the items we had found at the gnoll camp (I'm especially curious about that moon shield). Apparently the reason the canopic jar exploded was because the more people sent through the Gate, the more stress it puts on the jar. Somehow the Gates function by the jars remembering where the other Gates are; it sounds crazy, but it works. Well, except when henchmen are tossed out of them.

While I was at the mosque, Ghost and Ayman spoke with the Guildmaster who told them that our halfling friend Homer has gone missing. He had been sent on a mission into the goblin mines, so he (the Guildmaster) wants us to find Homer and help complete his mission. During our short stop in Woodland, a green dragon flew over; this has happened about twice a month.

Setting out the next morning to head south, we found Shocko pantsless in a fountain; what is it with that man and pants? When we made camp tonight, we saw the shadow of a green dragon flying overhead, heading east.

~Cyneric Conroy, Order of the Fleet Fox
May 8th, 1st day of Brightmoon